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Dr.Vikrant Subaash has had a distinguished professional career as a Sales Leader and Mentor for the past 15 years. He has worked in some of the best IT MNCs in the world such as SITEL, DELL, and AZUGA in a Senior Management role building high-velocity Sales Teams. Presently he is AGM Sales at ONCO.com (World’s First Virtual Cancer Care Hospital).

Dr.Vikrant Subaash a Digital Age Holistic Numerology and Vaastu Expert Coach and Consultant, who is also the founder of DESTINY MASTER a Centre of Excellence in Occult Sciences. He preaches the mantra of LEARN – APPLY – ACCOMPLISH”. He believes in sharing knowledge without holding anything back.

Dr.Vikrant Subaash has been providing Numerology, Astrology & Vaastu predictions, and solutions to people from all walks of life and ensures they lead a life of Success, Happiness, Health, and Prosperity.

Dr.Vikrant Subaash with more than 10 years of experience has offered help through his consultations on Business, Career, Marriage, Health and more. He has conducted more than 600 workshops and trained 500+ students all over India and abroad, Some of his students have become professionals in science. He guides and motivates students to learn and transform not only their lives but also others.

Dr.Vikrant is a Ph.D. in Occult Science and two Honorary Doctorates from Maharishi Sansthan & Central Christian University. 

In 2022 NationWide Awards awarded Dr.Vikrant the Most Prominent Digital Age Numerologist for 2022. The Success Today Magazine also recognized his achievement in 2022.

In 2023 Dr.Vikrant was awarded the Trendsetter 2023 award for his contribution to the field of Numerology and Vaastu, This was awarded to him by Padmashree Kumar Sanu ji.

Dr.Vikrant has a great fan following, He comes in the list of the “TOP 5 Numerologists in India”, He has a rating of 4.9* on Google, Being a numerology expert, he has used his Numerology wisdom for the benefit of society. From common people to eminent personalities, everyone has benefited from his accurate analysis and predictions. His clientele includes politicians, business heads, and renowned personalities from India and overseas.

About MasterNumeroVaastu

DESTINY MASTER – Become the master of your own Destiny .

We all believe that we are free to follow our dreams and choose how we live our lives because ultimately we are the masters of our own destiny.

Yes, according to the Vedas, destiny does exist. … So destiny acts within this life, and your activities in this life determine your destiny in the next life. So we create our own destiny and then get the opportunity to create another and then another.

Does Destiny really exist, if yes then why to work hard: this is the question asked by many, but hard work is very important. Human nature is created so that you can choose your destiny. … It is called making choices. With any one decision, you make a choice of changing your destiny.

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